November 27, 2019

I can still remember our first Friendsgiving.  My husband and I were a newly married couple in a state with no family, but we were surrounded by a community of friends.  Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, which could’ve otherwise been just the two of us, turned out to be a beautiful time with new friends who quickly became family.  Friendsgivings will forever carry extra meaning, reminding us there is always community wherever you go.

And Carlton Landing is no different.  There is community waiting to welcome you, and a Friendsgiving was not only a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in a beautiful lakeside setting but enjoy time with friends and family and make new friends.

I’ll admit, not living here nor being a weekend regular, I do not know as many people.  I was the perfect litmus test of this sweet town, and I left with a handful of new friends and met some wonderful people while there.

The weather was a bit on the chillier side, but it made the fire all the more appealing.  The night sky was packed with sprinkles of beautiful brightly lit stars that, along with the delicately strung lights, helped light up the night.  The table settings were beautifully simple and rustic with burlap runners and festive flowers.  I’ll admit hearing the number of people attending, I was wondering if there would be seats for everyone, but it’s amazing how details work themselves out as there was always room at the table for everyone.

Of course the food can not go without recognition, and Mama Tigs, Carlton Landing’s local favorite pizza spot, definitely delivered with delicious Italian food.  Y’all know by now I love talking about food just as much as I love eating it, so I’m having a hard time not describing every detail of yummy goodness.  My plate says it all! The salads and charcuterie spread plus the warm cheesy crusty bread were the perfect balance to the variety of decadent pastas and toppings.  But we cannot go without mentioning the cannoli.

OH.MY.WORD! Friends, I’m not normally a cannoli fan, but Mama Tigs has converted me.  Now I just need to figure out how to get more of those “crispy outside and creamy but not too sweet on the inside” treats on the regular.

But aside from all of the beautiful decorations, atmosphere, and food, Friendsgiving is simply about the friends — about being together as a community.  Carlton Landing has a way of putting people at the center of it all while creating the most inviting environment that keeps you coming back.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.  There is so much to be thankful for.


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