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Chicken and Dumplings

If I had an ultimate comfort food, chicken and dumplings would be high up on the list.  It’s warm, hearty, delicious and easy to make for a few people or a whole crowd.  If you’re from the south, you probably grew up eating this all too often, yet for me, it doesn’t get old. With […]


Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cookies

I couldn’t go through the month of October without sharing a favorite pumpkin recipe of ours. And we have a lot of those. I live for pumpkin season! My husband on the other hand – he would be okay avoiding pumpkin season altogether. But this recipe will win over both pumpkin lovers and those on […]


Exploring the World From Home

It’s probably safe to say most of our passports have remained tucked away, collecting dust over the last 6 months. Even domestic travel has probably not happened as often, if at all, for so many. Our world has been turned upside down yet it’s still here, longing to be explored.But even if we can’t travel […]

DIY Charcuterie Boards

If someone asked me what my favorite food is, I would easily say a charcuterie board. I know it’s not a meal or a dish per say, but as someone who has a hard time picking and loves variety, a charcuterie board fits the bill. You can get vegetables, fruit, protein, nuts, olives, cheese, crackers […]


Summertime Tomato Pie

One of our family’s favorite things about Carlton Landing is the community garden. Our boys love to grab their bikes and head over for exploration, vegetable picking and chicken watching.  They like to call it the Farmer’s Market.  I love their name for it because that sweet little garden space really does represent the heart […]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches

If I told you I had a recipe for something so delicious and satisfying that also happened to be gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan, would you believe me? These peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwiches are exactly that. I discovered this recipe a year ago and tweaked it to the way I liked it, […]

Hot Dog Bar

Nothing says summer like eating a hot dog fresh off the grill.  As a kid, many a summer day was spent devouring a hot dog on a scorching day, dripping wet from playing in the water, finishing it all off with a fresh slice of watermelon. As a big kid now…okay, adult….my love for hot […]


Frosted Sugar Cookie Slab

Today is National Sugar Cookie Day! You’re probably just as excited as I am. Okay, well maybe you’re not as thrilled as me or maybe you didn’t even know today was National Sugar Cookie Day, but during unpredictable times like these, why not find any reason to celebrate.  And what better way to celebrate than […]

Lemonade Stands and Strawberry Lemon Cookies

One of my favorite summer memories is having a lemonade stand. As a little girl, I wasn’t terribly entrepreneurial. In fact, I probably handed out more free lemonade to neighbors than money made, but it was the idea of creating something of my own and making a few new friends along the way that made […]

Texas Sheet Cake

Well, summer may not officially be here, but ask anyone in the south, summer is most definitely here.  From the hot temperatures, swarming mosquitos, ice cream trucks, and endless supplies of fresh watermelon and cherries, the summer season is upon us. Normally I’m a little nervous about the high heat and fact that 3 am […]

Magic No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream. Just the thought of it makes my mouth drool and brings back a plethora of memories. For me, it’s slow summer days with my Grandma finished with a game of Uno and a treat at Braums. It’s an afternoon surprise from my mom after a long day at school.  It’s frozen custard like […]

Olive Oil Carrot Cake

If you’re reading this in fairly current times, then you know we are all experiencing a global pandemic. While it’s easy to focus on the fear and panic, there’s also so much joy and beauty in the simplicity all around us.  It’s always been there, but maybe we were a little too distracted, a little too […]

Valentine’s Day Popcorn Mix

Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re a fan of the day or not, I think we can all agree that it’s a great chance to celebrate those you are thankful for in your life.  Plus, I personally love any reason to celebrate, not to mention put up decorations and bake something festive.  So any opportunity to throw […]

Best Ever Granola

I love many things, but high up there is the smell of my favorite granola baking in the oven. The cinnamon and hint of maple syrup atop oats and a plethora of nuts fills the house.  If I could bottle up this smell in a candle, I would. But even better than the smell is […]

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I can still remember our first Friendsgiving.  My husband and I were a newly married couple in a state with no family, but we were surrounded by a community of friends.  Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, which could’ve otherwise been just the two of us, turned out to be a beautiful time with […]