A “Free Range” Childhood at Carlton Landing

September 14, 2022

Remember those golden days when kids would head out with their friends on bikes at dawn and stay outside until it was dark? Where you often had neighbor children stopping by for dinner and the kids walked to school on their own?

In our modern society, there is a decline in children who ride bicycles or venture outside, with a corresponding rise in screen time and isolation. This is largely due to the design of our neighborhoods and streets that have inadvertently prioritized cars over people. In Carlton Landing, we have taken back the street to put people and community first.

Intentionally designed to be explored by foot or bike, our streets are configured to encourage walking and biking in a safe space without traffic and congestion from cars. Front porches sit directly on sidewalks or large park expanses, and when your children rush out the front door, you feel joy knowing they are safely exploring and playing. 

Walkable communities allow families to feel as if they are going back to a simpler time where kids could journey out after breakfast and explore to their heart’s content.

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Around Town

Our charming small town is home to a number of great resources and services from kayak and paddle board rentals, local wood-fired pizza, local pop-up shops and even a community school and church to name a few.

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Parks & Pools

Visit our guide to Carlton Landing Parks & Pools and discover all that is waiting to be explored, from bocce ball courts and nature trails to sparkling pools and swim beaches. 

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Halloween at Carlton Landing


Through all of the seasons, we curate community events that are open to the public that bring families together and empower children to explore and enjoy life.


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