From a Family’s Lake Retreat to a Town Like No Other

In the spring of 1971, Jack Carlton Humphreys and his wife Bonnie were on a road trip to see friends in Arkansas. They stopped to visit some other friends at Lake Eufaula. When they saw the Longtown Creek portion of the lake (not far from where Carlton Landing is located today), Jack took in the clear water and rolling wooded hills from an empty hillside lot. “Bonnie,” he said, “I can see our grandkids playing in the sand and boating on this water. This lake is a special place.”

They took the plunge and made an offer on the land that same day, eventually building a lake house from the ground up that became a family hub for generations to come. The home served as a generational tether that kept the large family coming back again and again, a place where cousins grew up like siblings and family poker games went deep into the night.

For more than 15 years, Grant and Jen Humphreys have vacationed in and around Seaside, Florida. Seaside’s charm, convenience, and sense of community were unlike anything found around Oklahoma, but a 5-7 day trip was needed to justify the 16-hour drive or airline tickets necessary to get there.

Fast forward to 2007. Grant’s father, Kirk Humphreys, was buying land on Lake Eufaula and was able to assemble several key parcels of waterfront property that encompassed almost 1,700 acres of lakefront land rich in natural beauty—rolling hills, reliable water conditions, old growth forests (known as “The Cross Timbers”) and miles of natural, undeveloped shoreline. One day, as Kirk and Grant drove through the land,  Grant thought out loud, “What if we created a Seaside-like community right here on the lake and close to home?” The vision for Carlton Landing was born.

With that vision in mind, the Humphreys decided to create a master plan for Carlton Landing. They assembled a world-class design team led by Andrés Duany, the world renowned urban planner responsible for both Seaside and Rosemary Beach, Florida. In 2008 and 2009, a collection of top urban planners, architects, engineers and designers joined forces to create a master plan unlike anything ever seen in the region. In 2010, infrastructure development began. Homes began to pop up in 2011. By 2012, it was only fitting that the first residents were Grant and Jen Humphreys and their family.

And that’s the back story of how Carlton Landing was born. But now, we watch as the story continues and everyone has a hand in helping mold this community into something truly worthy of the next generation.