15 ways to prep for the fall season

September 2, 2017

It’s Labor Day weekend, and fall is almost within reach. We’ve just wrapped another beautiful summer on Lake Eufaula, and while I’m sad to see the season come to a close, I’m excited about what’s to come. Fall is maybe my favorite season in Carlton Landing; it was the first time we ever visited, and memories of those crisp chilly mornings and warm afternoons are what keep me going through the sweltering summer.
So on this long weekend if you’ve got time to burn, here’s a few ideas to get you prepped for the season ahead.
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Dash & Albert blue and white indoor outdoor pillows - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com
At the end of the summer season, your house might feel a little worn out from the constant shuffle between the pool and the lake.  Now’s a great time to power wash your porch in preparation for the cooler months ahead. Remove the covers from any outdoor cushions and toss them in the washing machine. Outdoor rugs can also be hosed down and hung to dry over your porch.
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Inside, it’s a great time to clean out pantries and toss out any expired items.  Vacuum behind all furniture and give the upholstery a once-over.  Put away beach towels and pull out those cozier blankets.
A few other ideas:


My favorite part of fall is the decorating, of course! I can’t wait to grab a few pumpkins from the Arrowhead Stables Pumpkin Patch. And soon there will be plenty of fall flowers to choose from.

Grab a fresh new doormat to launch an all new season (and look at what a cute idea this is from Chris Loves Julia).

And pull a wreath or two out for the front door.
Inside, an easy way to introduce fall color is through throw pillows and blankets. I love how cozy this bedroom (via BHG) feels.

Ok, Fall, we are officially ready for you! Bring on the pumpkin spice everything! How are you preparing for the new season?]]>


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