Bunkrooms: Do or Don't?

July 1, 2017

What’s the difference between putting a couple of bunk beds into a room and these stylish numbers? The short answer is built-ins. Built-in bunks give a room a sense of permanence and definition. Especially in smaller spaces, built-in bunks help a space to feel thoughtfully designed and maximize the square footage for the best use. Plus there’s something magical and whimsical at the thought of beautifully-designed and comfy little sleeping nooks, don’t you think?

Many bunkrooms feature individual lighting for each bed as well as privacy curtains and little nooks for cell phones, books, etc. I’ve seen anywhere from a pair of bunks up to 10 beds built in to a single room. Some also feature pull-out drawers underneath for storage or for trundle beds.

Get creative with your bedding like this happy and colorful bunk room. Personalize it for each child in the family with a monogram and matching color scheme.

Or go the monochromatic route and focus on texture with shiplap walls, rustic beams, and comfy linens. I also love that this particular room features a sitting area. It’s chic without being stuffy and the beds are almost an afterthought. Another great example of maximizing your real estate.  But check out that top bunk – don’t bonk your head!

A rolling library ladder below allows the top bunkmate to access the bed from any position below, and allows it to slide out of the way when not in use. And I love that the linens are the same color as the tongue-and-groove paneling.

A staggered design to fit into a corner, below. A great way for siblings or cousins to make memories together at the lake.

Would you try a hanging pair of bunks?

The chevron floor design is a fun way to add personality and color to an all-white bunkroom.

Love the way this designer used navy paint to accent the built-in bunks. And it’s further proof that you don’t have to be stuck with only using twinsized beds.

Get creative with railings to keep those littles from tumbling out. Curved pipes or a criss-cross wooden railing are visually interesting but equally functional.


So what do you think? Are you sold yet on bunkrooms? The kid in me absolutely loves that this is trending in design!


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