Carlton Landing Community Foundation Scholarship

The Carlton Landing Foundation is honored to award our Carlton Landing Foundation Scholarship in the amount of $5,000 to two outstanding students from our community. We are proud to send young adults to the next chapter of their education instilled with our values of family, creation, and simplicity.

The Carlton Landing Foundation has established an independent review committee of homeowners in Carlton Landing to consider each application. The deadline for submitting your application is August 31st, 2023 with notification of acceptance or denial occurring in the month of September.

To apply for the Carlton Landing Foundation Scholarship, applicants must be:

In addition to these qualifications, we ask that you submit a brief essay (max 2000 words) where you describe a time where you helped contribute to your community in some way. This community can be where your home is located, Carlton Landing, or any other place that you consider to be part of your community.

In addition to your essay, please be sure to also include:

Applications must be submitted through our website. Please be aware that we will not be able to process applications that have been submitted in hard copy. Notifications of awards are made in September of each year and students will be notified by email if they have been awarded or not. Payment of awards will be made directly to the college/university of the student’s choosing once required documents have been received.

For more information about scholarships email

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