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Outdoor Live Music -VOTH

Friday, August 30 | 7:00 pm

The Meeting House, 20 Boulevard

Kick back at The Meeting House for a performance by VOTH – an up and coming country music band of siblings based out of Tulsa.

More about VOTH:

“If you didn’t know, Oklahoma — and specifically the city of Tulsa – is having a musical explosion of late. Artists are fleeing the rising high cost of living music hubs like Austin and Nashville and heading into the thriving Tulsa neighborhoods. Not the case for the alternative country four-piece group of siblings, VOTH; they were raised there . . . it’s where their roots are planted and where they polished their soaring harmonies for the first wave of singles released in 2018.

VOTH — Caleb (guitar/vocals), Hannah (vocals), Cody (vocals), Jacob (drums)–boast finely-etched harmonies and detailed songwriting in their four singles they put out this year: “Sweetest Regret,” “I Choose Us,” “American Rebels” and “Boot Stomp.” With the stylistic diversity in country music today, VOTH aimed to stretch out their musical pallet with their debut singles.

Wide Open Country praised VOTH saying, “Voth straddles the line between Americana and gospel on their new song — ‘I Choose Us’ leverages the group’s genetic foundation to wrap the whole song in gorgeous harmonies. The tune also does an excellent job of exploring dynamic range, going from downtrodden to soaring and back again in a matter of bars.”

VOTH is excited to keep writing, recording and releasing music. It’s brought these Okie-proud kin closer together than they’ve ever been as they explore new elements of life through melody and harmony.”

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