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Average Joe Olympics

Calling all dads! Kick back this Father’s Day weekend with a friendly competition down on the Town Green & Swim Beach at our first Average Joe Olympics. Attendees will group into teams of 4 to compete in a variety of fun activities to see who will be the first ever Average Joes to reign in Carlton Landing. This event is free to attend and open to the public – we hope you’ll join us!

You don’t have to be a dad to compete in this low-key fun activity, but dad bods are encouraged.

1st Event- Wife’s Purse

1 team member will search for designated items in a large purse.

2nd Event- Toddler Tea Party

1 team member will sit down for tea, put on a large woman’s hat, paint their own nails on one hand, then drink the cup of tea and race to the finish line.

3rd Event- Starbucks Run

1 team member will be given a complicated coffee order. They must hold a spoon handle in their mouth, balance a raw egg on the spoon and walk a designated distance without dropping the egg. Then recite the coffee order correctly.

4th Event- Glory Days

1 team member will have to throw a football and hit the target, make a basketball hoop, kick a soccer goal, and then spin with head on baseball bat 8 rotations, throw a baseball in the air and hit the ball.

5th Event-  They Said There’d Be Beer Obstacle Relay

4 legs of the relay, 1 team member will complete each leg

Leg 1- Flip Cup Beer chug, Water balloon cornhole, muscle mulch carry

Leg 2- Parallel Park a golf cart, eat a hotdog and a beer, Make a Beer pong shot

Leg 3- Hammer a nail, Solve a math problem, beer balance hurdles

Leg 4- Solve a kids puzzle, Inflate a water toy, Chug a beer -spin- take a golf swing


Newman’s BBQ Truck will be in town for the weekend!

Awards Ceremony @ TMH 6pm

Hambone Blues Band @TMH 7pm-10pm



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