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Average Joe Olympics

Saturday, June 17 | 10:00 am

Carlton Landing Town Green

Calling all dads! Kick back this Father’s Day weekend with a friendly competition down on the Town Green & Swim Beach at our annual Average Joe Olympics. Attendees will group into teams of 4 to compete in a variety of fun activities to see who will be the first ever Average Joes to reign in Carlton Landing.

You don’t have to be a dad to compete in this low-key fun activity, but dad attitudes are encouraged.

Registration will begin at 9 am before the events start. Awards will be given for best team name and best team uniform!

Event Lineup

One Tripper
Carry everything in from the car in a single trip. If you drop something, start over.
Honey Do List
2 team members will work together. Each using only one hand
To complete the Honey do list
Slip n Slide flip cup
One at a time each team member will slide down to the table and land a flip cup.
Glory Days
One team member will complete a series of sports related tasks.
Bonus Round: 
Paddle board joust. 
2 team members on a single paddle board. Try to knock everyone else in the water. Last team standing gets time taken off the overall time at the end of the games.
Final Event: Relay
4 legs. Each leg will have 3 obstacles. Each team member must claim and complete one leg of the relay. All four team members must go through the inflatable obstacle course to end the relay.

Award ceremony to follow! There will also be water inflatables for kids to play on during this competition! Please wear cool clothes and bring a water bottle. Spectators encouraged!



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